CBD & anti-aging

CBD pipette on skin

Yes, CBD has a real anti-aging effect.


For example, it prevents oxidation and saccharification in the body and improves skin problems such as “dullness” and “blemishes”.

It is said to have the effect of promoting skin turnover and removing dead skin cells to make the skin smooth.


Let’s explain the two effects in order.

First, oxidation is a phenomenon in which active oxygen accumulates in the body due to aging, stress, smoking, sunburn, etc., causing the body to rust like metal.

As the skin oxidizes, dullness, age spots, wrinkles, and sagging appear.

As a way to prevent oxidation, care with beauty essence or highly moisturizing cream,

In addition, you may take foods and supplements containing vitamin C and vitamin E, which have high antioxidant activity, but in fact, CBD has higher antioxidant activity than vitamin C and vitamin E.

It prevents the body from oxidizing.


Glycation then is a phenomenon in which excess sugar that is not used in the body binds to proteins and deteriorates cells.

As glycation progresses, the action of collagen is suppressed and the elasticity of the skin is lost, or the skin becomes saccharified.

Therefore, CBD having an anti-glycation effect, can suppress glycation in the body and restores glycated cells.

CBD is said to be effective in preventing both oxidation and saccharification, which cause age skin.



CBD also has the effect of restoring the normal skin turnover cycle.

The stratum corneum of the skin repeats metabolism in which the old stratum corneum naturally peels off when new stratum corneum is born, and this is called skin turnover.

When the turnover cycle begins to be disturbed due to aging, new keratin is hard to be born, old keratin remains on the surface of the skin forever, and the skin becomes stiff and rough.

In addition, the remaining old keratin makes it more difficult for new keratin to be born, and the condition of the skin worsens.

Applying CBD oil directly to such skin activates the skin’s immune system and restores the turnover cycle to normal. Old keratin naturally peels off and leads to smooth skin.



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