About CBD

About CBD

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol and is one of at least 113 cannabinoids found in hemp (besides medicinal cannabis).
It has first been approved in 2018 as medicine in the United States under the brand name Epidiolex, then in 2019 in Europe.

There are two main types of "active ingredients" that can be collected from cannabis plants.
One is called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and it is extracted from leaves and ears.
The other one is named CBD (cannabidiol) and it is contained in stems and seeds.
The "marijuana" we imagine is the former "THC", which brings hallucinogenic effects and euphoria.

On the other hand, "CBD" does not get you high when taken, and there is no risk of addiction or overdose.

It has good safety features and tolerability from many studies,
does not have the typical effects (mental effects) of tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9-THC, hereinafter referred to as THC),
and is not addicting or dangerous for health.
No dependence or intolerance have been identified yet, and CBD is now widely considered to have potential medical applications.

In fact, according to clinical reports, it has few side effects.
However, there are no psychotropic effects, and does not affect psychomotor learning or psychological functions.

In recent years, it has also been distributed as a health food and cosmetic ingredient.
Only those extracted from hemp stalks and seeds that are not subject to regulation are sold in Japan,
and we also distribute only those specified in Japanese regulations.

In recent years, CBD, has been increasingly used as a health food, by being added to oils, balms, candies, gummy, water, etc.
In Japan, since about 2020, sales of domestic brands that first import CBD
and then process the products domestically (instead of ready-made imported ones), have gone mainstream.

Thus, CBD (cannabidiol) is now considered as a chemical substance
that is expected to have positive effects in the pharmacological field all over the world.
And as research on medical cannabis progresses, CBD becomes a new reference for both health and beauty matters.

In reality, the benefit from CBD oil at first spread from word of mouth in the United States and Europe.
It has been then imported later to Japan and sales started around 2013.
And has the effects on health were good, we now expect the CBD to keep on gaining in popularity in Japan.

CBD (cannabidiol) is said to be effective in relieving headache, insomnia,
epilepsy, anxiety disorders, depression, hypertension, loss of appetite, and various other illnesses.

Consequently, even if it is not widely recognized in Japan yet, further research on CBD will progress in the future.

Therefore the demand is expected to grow.

We will propose safe, reliable and high quality CBD products that can relieve your worries.

About the effect of CBD

It is said that CBD has various health benefits, especially useful for treating intractable disease
such as "Dravet syndrome" and "Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS)".
CBD is also said to have anxiety-relieving effects, and may provide quality sleep to people suffering from insomnia,
by drinking tea with CBD oil before going to bed or by applying it on wrists.
CBD oil can be used also before or after drinking alcohol in order to relieve a hangover.
It will then help to wake up in a better shape in the morning.

Special Advisor Testimonials

Sakura Life Medical Corporation
Kenichiro Nakata, General Director

In today's stressful society, more and more people are falling into depression and insomnia over the slightest thing.
Rather than relying on antidepressants or other medications after the onset of depressive symptoms,
taking CBD oil as a routine maintenance measure is a good idea.
It is the safest way, just like exercise and supplements to improve health.

Clinical trials for pharmaceutical use have begun in Japan, and its application in psychiatry and for analgesic purposes are particularly promising.
When people are under strong stress or aging, malfunctions of the nervous and immune systems occur (cannabinoid deficiency)
CBD oil can help alleviate these symptoms by supplementing cannabinoids and regulating the endocannabinoid system.
It not only boosts the immune system, but also helps to regulate the constantly fluctuating physical condition to an optimal state, i.e., homeostasis.

In the psychiatric area, it works by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
This action can be expected to have a relaxing effect and induce natural sleep.

CBD is also known to vary in composition from product to product.
If the user does not feel comfortable with the product, there is no way to achieve a relaxing effect.
I am confident in recommending Orange CBD, which is the safest CBD product I know of and has been proven effective in the United States,
the leading CBD country in the world.

Special Advisor Testimonials

Saito Dermatology Clinic
Katsunori Saito, M.D.

Reactive oxygen species are one of the causes of skin aging.
This causes oxidation of sebum and other substances, which is believed to be the cause of blemishes, wrinkles, sagging, etc.
It is said that vitamin C and vitamin E are effective in removing active oxygen, but CBD has an antioxidant effect that suppresses active oxygen,
and its effect is said to be stronger than that of vitamin C and vitamin E.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD has been reported to inhibit the growth of excess sebum and acne-causing acne bacteria,
and has a high potential to not only treat acne but also improve acne scars and overall skin conditions.

CD acts on the vanilloid receptor (TRPV1), a receptor involved in pain control, and it has been reported that TRPV1 is involved in inhibiting the proliferation of peripheral nerves that make the skin hypersensitive, which increases itching.
In addition to histamine, TRPV1 has also been reported to inhibit inflammatory substances (cytokines)
that cause itching in atopic patients.

Relief of stress and anxiety

CBD can also help when feeling unsteady due to work or relationships, or when having stress troubles.
In addition to sports and a well-balanced diet, applying some CBD oil on the body can be even more effective on your health.
Besides, CBD is not addictive, has no side effects like sedatives or antidepressants, and soothes anxiety.

Relief of insomnia

The quality of the sleep in essential for a good health and the body condition can be improved by getting a restorative sleep at night.
However, in case of lack of sleep, people may wake up many times in the middle of the night, or may have a tendency to sleep irregularly.
For those troubles, it is possible to use CBD before going to bed too.
The results will be progressive but real and effective.

Sedated autoimmune response

Many modern illnesses are said to be due to autoimmune problems.
This is a disease in which the body is attacked by its own immune system.

Among them, mainly allergies, dermatitis, polysclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome,
neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Parkinson's disease), rheumatoid arthritis, Graves' disease,
type 1 diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis, Celiac disease, etc.

Once again, CBD can soothe autoimmune reactions and support recovery.

Strengthen the immune system

We call “immune system” a defense system that protects us from pathogens such as viruses.
By the action of immune cells contained in white blood cells, the system can attack and protect us when the viruses invade the body.

CBD has been shown to help keep the immune system in optimal conditions.

Moreover, thanks to its moderate anti-inflammatory properties, it also prevents the immune system during the cold winter months.

For severe skin problems

The CBD ingredient is also effective when absorbed directly from the skin.
It relieves dermatitis and psoriasis, reduces itching, and for oily and acne skin,
CBD controls the secretion of sebaceous glands and exerts antibacterial power.

Recently, focusing on such effects, creamy CBD products that are applied directly to the skin are becoming more popular.

Is CBD effective in treating illness?

Since CBD is not a considered as medicine in Japan,
it is for now restricted by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law while promoting
its effects like many health foods and supplements.

Therefore, democratization of CBD in Japan is a work in progress,
but overseas research institutes already say that CBD it is effective in improving various diseases and symptoms,
and it can be used in the medical field safely.

Thus, by showing the good results of CBD in that area,
it could be used for the treatment of many more diseases and symptoms in the future.

  • ・Dependence
  • ・Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • ・Anxiety / depression (anxiolytic)
  • ・Control of epileptic seizures (anticonvulsants)
  • ・Nausea / vomiting suppression (antiemetic)
  • ・Inhibition of tumor and cancer cell growth (antitumor)
  • ・Suppression of inflammatory diseases (anti-inflammatory)
  • ・Relief of chronic pain (analgesic)

The possibilities for the CBD to grow and become more popular are incredible.

And we will support you in that way, taking the best of it, so that your health condition will improve as much as possible and your life will be full of happiness, both physically and mentally.

Does CBD have an anti-aging effect?

CBD also has an anti-aging effect.

For example, it prevents oxidation and saccharification in the body and improves skin problems such as "dullness" and "blemishes".
It is said to have the effect of promoting skin turnover and removing dead skin cells to make the skin smooth.

Let's explain the two effects in order.
First, oxidation is a phenomenon in which active oxygen accumulates in the body due to aging, stress, smoking, sunburn, etc., causing the body to rust like metal.
As the skin oxidizes, dullness, age spots, wrinkles, and sagging appear.

As a way to prevent oxidation, care with beauty essence or highly moisturizing cream,
In addition, you may take foods and supplements containing vitamin C and vitamin E, which have high antioxidant activity, but in fact, CBD has higher antioxidant activity than vitamin C and vitamin E.
It prevents the body from oxidizing.

Glycation then is a phenomenon in which excess sugar that is not used in the body binds to proteins and deteriorates cells. As glycation progresses, the action of collagen is suppressed and the elasticity of the skin is lost, or the skin becomes saccharified.

CBD also has an anti-glycation effect, which suppresses glycation in the body and restores glycated cells. CBD is said to be effective in preventing both oxidation and saccharification, which cause age skin.

CBD also has the effect of restoring the normal skin turnover cycle. The stratum corneum of the skin repeats metabolism in which the old stratum corneum naturally peels off when new stratum corneum is born, and this is called skin turnover.
When the turnover cycle begins to be disturbed due to aging, new keratin is hard to be born, old keratin remains on the surface of the skin forever, and the skin becomes stiff and rough.
In addition, the remaining old keratin makes it more difficult for new keratin to be born, and the condition of the skin worsens.
Applying CBD oil directly to such skin activates the skin's immune system and restores the turnover cycle to normal. Old keratin naturally peels off and leads to smooth skin.

The effects of CBD oil on the skin

In addition to anti-aging, CBD has many beneficial effects on the skin.

Also effective against rough skin and acne

CBD is also said to be effective in improving rough skin and acne.
Rough skin has various symptoms such as redness and itching because the barrier function of the skin is reduced.
When the barrier function is reduced,
it becomes more sensitive to external stimuli and itching and inflammation are more likely to occur.
According to a study published in 2014,
CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so when applied directly,
it can help relieve symptoms, promote skin turnover, and improve barrier function.
In addition, acne is caused by the accumulation of excess sebum in the pores and the growth of P. acnes there.
CBD can act on the sebaceous glands of the skin, which produces sebum, and can be controlled
by suppressing excess sebum and, conversely, by activating sebum secretion when the skin is dry.
It also has an anti-inflammatory effect,
so it is said to be effective in preventing acne when applied regularly to the skin as well as to relieve the current symptoms of acne.
Research results published in 2019 also suggest that CBD may also work on acne scars.

CBD also has antibacterial properties such as for scratches.

CBD is said to have an antibacterial effect on the surface of the skin in addition to its anti-inflammatory effect.
Therefore, if the skin is damaged, apply it to the affected area in the same way as disinfection to prevent the growth of bacteria.
CBD also has the effect of promoting the growth of epithelial cells, so it is said that wounds heal faster.

CBD oil is also effective for eczema

CBD oil is also effective against atopic dermatitis.
Eczema dermatitis is a skin disease in which itchy red eczema appears,
and it is characterized by repeated improvement and deterioration that is difficult to completely cure.
There is no cure for atopy, such as changing skin care according to the condition of the skin,
taking anti-allergic medications, using topical steroids to control symptoms such as itching and redness,
and skin. It will be a form to select each time while watching the situation of.
Some people say that if you use too much steroids, you may have side effects,
but if you have severe symptoms, you have to rely on steroids.
It is said that CBD is effective for such atopy.
A 2003 study found that CBD suppressed the activation of histamine-releasing cells that cause an inflammatory response.
This is said to help control itching.
In addition, the cause of abnormal immune function is oxidation in the body, and ingestion of CBD,
which has an antioxidant effect, restores immunity to normal and suppresses the symptoms of atopy.
In addition, the skin of people suffering from atopic dermatitis tends to be low in ceramide
because the outermost stratum corneum of the epidermis is thin and the function of making ceramide necessary for retaining water in the skin is weak.
As a result, the barrier function of the skin tends to weaken, and the skin becomes red and itchy as soon as it is stimulated.
As mentioned in the chapter on rough skin and acne,
CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce itching and redness, and it also helps ceramide retain water, giving it moisture.
In this way, CBD is more than just a skin-beautifying effect, it helps improve various skin problems.

How many hours will the effect of CBD appear on the skin?

I'm sure everyone is wondering how long it will take to take effect after taking CBD.
It is said that cosmetics should be used for 3 cycles of 28 days,
which is generally said to be a guideline for turnover, that is, for about 3 months to see how the skin looks.

Do CBD products take as long as cosmetics, or do they work faster?

1 hour later if taken orally

The effect of CBD is much faster than that of cosmetics.
If you swallow CBD oil as it is, or mix it with a drink and take it orally, it is said that the effect will be felt about 1 hour after the active ingredient is absorbed in the small intestine.
After that, the action continues for about 3 to 6 hours.
It is said that oral intake is effective only when taken on an empty stomach, so caution is required.
Also, please refrain from drinking hot tea or coffee before and after taking CBD oil as it will be less effective.
If you put CBD oil under your tongue and take it under the tongue for about a minute, you can take the ingredients directly from the capillaries under the tongue, so the effect is high.

2-3 minutes after steam intake

Vapor intake, in which CBD liquid is placed in a vaporizer and inhaled as vapor, is taken into the blood as it is without passing through the digestive organs, so it is said that the intake efficiency is 1.5 times higher than oral intake.
It depends on individual differences and the physical condition of the day, but it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to start feeling the effect and lasts about 1 to 2 hours. It may take several days for inflammation etc. to completely improve.

Compared to CBD oil, CBD liquid requires more time to prepare a vaporizer, but it is a popular intake method because it is easy to ingest and efficient like electronic cigarettes.

CBD can also be expected to have various positive effects on the skin.

・ Improves skin spots, wrinkles, and dullness due to its antioxidant effect
・ Improves dullness and lack of elasticity by anti-glycation effect
・ Suppresses redness and itchiness due to anti-inflammatory effect
・ Antibacterial action suppresses the growth of bacteria in the wound
・ Restores the skin turnover cycle to normal and smoothes the skin
・ Improves skin barrier function and protects skin from irritation

In this way, CBD is extremely effective as a beauty oil for anti-aging, acne and rough skin,
and as an oil for improving the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.


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