What is synthetic CBD?



In Japan, most people think that CBD (cannabidiol) and CBD-containing products like tinctures, gummies, vape, creams (etc.) sold in the country are only derived from marijuana (hemp).


This is almost true… BUT! Do you know that among all the different CBD that can be find, some are synthetic and completely THC free?


In fact, CBD research results have only been published in the last few years, and most people used to think that CBD was just a kind of drug.

Indeed, for many, marijuana = a component that makes people high (which is in reality what is called THC, a part of the hemp responsible of those effects). Consequently, there was only a bad image of this plant and more globally about CBD.


However, recent research results have discovered other ways to use and make CBD, and attracted attention to both medical treatment and beauty. Thus, the CBD industry has grown exponentially since research shows that CBD works well for the body (including animals) or for illness.


Among them, in the United States, where research results are progressing, the same chemically synthesized CBD derived from marijuana is being researched and developed. Among the pioneer in this domain, we can talk about a company called PureForm in Los Angeles.


And the chemically synthesized CBD researched and developed by PureForm have given excellent results!

Actually, the results were amazing enough to convince from early 2021 a Japanese company (CBD California Trading Company), introduced through the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, to commercialize the raw materials from PureForm.


PureForm whose Chairman is named Tom Stags (formerly COO of Walt Disney Company) is an organization that was launched initially with eight members. Tom Stags has established with the Chief Executive Officer Richard Nanura (formerly CFO of The Walt Disney Company, CEO and COO of Starwood Hotel, EVP of Amgen, President of DigitalBridge Capital) and the Chief Operating Officer Steve Miller (Supply Chain Executive of Large Companies such as Walt Disney Company and Kearney) the basement of strong company focused on a new way to use the CBD.


Then, the synthetic CBD developed by PureForm became attracting worldwide attention, and in 2021, Enveric Biosciences, a major biotechnology company, has started to develop a new cannabinoid drug to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.


About Enveric Biosciences

Enveric Biosciences is a biotechnology company developing new cannabinoid drugs that have been rigorously tested to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

For more information, please visit https://www.enveric.com/.



About Pureform Global Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, PureForm is a biotechnology company focused on research, development and commercialization of synthetic CBD and other cannabinoids.
The company’s synthetic cannabinoids are 100% chemically identical to plant-based and are manufactured using a unique process that produces pure, consistent and stable compounds free of THC, pesticides and impurities.

PureForm produces CBD on a commercial scale at cGMP and FDA compliant facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2016, it is the world’s most quality-conscious brand, enabling you to bring pure and consistent cannabinoids to market on an economical and commercial scale.



About CBD California Trading Company

While studying CBD in California, Miyako Kuroda, CEO of the CBD California Trading Company, met PureForm in order to understand better the process for making the synthetic CBD and cleared all the problems of THC components, heavy metals, pesticides (etc.) that remained with the use of usual marijuana components.

In May 2021 she finally decided to start importing PureForm‘s products to Japan after making sure that they were reliable and safe.

For more information, please visit http://www.cbdcalifornia.work



CBD California Trading Company


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