Orange-derived CBD VS hemp-derived CBD



Both orange-derived CBD & hemp-derived CBD have the same structural formula and are biologically identical compounds.


Orange-derived CBD is a chemical synthesis of terpenes extracted from orange peels, resulting in CBD with a purity as high as 99.5%.


CBD formula


The major differences between orange-derived CBD & hemp-derived CBD are:


1/ The risk of THC content in CBD oil is critically different between hemp-derived and orange-derived CBD oil

Indeed, hemp-derived CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC, whereas orange-derived CBD oil does not.

Because of this, orange-derived CBD tends to be popular with those who are concerned about the presence of trace amounts of THC and those who are uncomfortable with the hemp-derived part of the product.


2/ Orange-derived CBD is also preferred by consumers because, unlike hemp-derived CBD, it is odorless and tasteless

Hemp-derived CBD has a taste and odor. Therefore, flavors and fragrances are added to deceive.

On the side, orange-derived CBD is tasteless, odorless, and easy to take when dissolved in water. If you are concerned about taste or smell, orange CBD is worth a try.


3/ Studies of synthesized and botanical CBD show similar effects

In fact, recent studies like the one published in 2021 at an American university started to show similarities. Since then, numerous medical school studies have begun to produce more results, showing that orange-derived CBD is structurally identical to hemp-derived CBD and that the effects are rather the same.

This, is a major step toward the safe use of chemically synthesized CBD worldwide.

Besides,some of you reading this article may somehow be thinking, “I’m afraid that the product I would get is derived from hemp” or “What if it contains THC?

So for those reluctant people, the fact that orange CBD exists can be a huge advantage!


I’ve listed above 3 major differences between orange-derived CBD VS plant-derived CBD.

But some other features even make orange CBD unique!




Indeed, orange CBD has these seven major characteristics:


1: Maintains a purity of at least 99.5% CBD

In fact, with the purity award, it recognizes the high stability of CBD.
Also, the Clean Label Project Purity Award guarantees the absence for substances other than those listed as ingredients on the product label (including heavy metals, pesticides, plasticizers, etc.).


2: Orange CBD is manufactured in a cGMP facility

Orange CBD is manufactured in a cGMP facility (explanation: This is an abbreviation for Current Good Manufacturing Practice, a food quality standard set by the FDA in the United States. It refers to quality standards for health foods, etc.). Since it meets the strict food quality standards of the U.S., it can be consumed with peace of mind.


3: Manufactured in accordance with the U.S. Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA)

The manufacturing process is considered to be based on the strict U.S. Food Safety and Enhancement Act of the United States.


4:Not genetically modified


5:No additives


6:GRAS certified

GRAS is a food safety certification system and is called Generally Recognized As Safe. Generally Recognized As Safe is an internationally recognized certification system for food safety in the U.S. This means that the product is generally regarded as safe. (GRAS is required to sell food ingredients in the U.S.)


7: It is gluten-free


Clean label Clean Label THC Free label Pesticide Free Label


However, there is a downside to orange-derived CBD.


In reality, because of the high quality of its ingredients, this is not cheap.

As a matter of fact, the cost of plant-derived CBD can be lowered if it is easily processed depending on its origin, field, and manufacturing process. Thus, hemp-derived raw materials are relatively less expensive than those of stable orange CBD.

However, one should be wary of buying just because it is cheap.

It is recommended that you carefully evaluate your purchase.




Is orange-derived CBD oil made in Japan?

The orange-derived CBD ingredient is internationally patented by a biotechnology company based in Los Angeles, USA.

In fact, only one place in the world has developed this technology so far, and no other company can research it, create it and sell it to the world for now.

This may change in the future, if some other laboratories use their own research technology to develop CBD chemically synthesized from oranges and citrus fruits.

However, as long as the U.S. biotech company holds the international patent for this technology, no other company will be able to sell it.

We also assume that researching synthetic CBD and being able to get a purity as high as 99.5% will be a hard challenge, no matter how hard other companies will try.


Orange CBD in Japan, based in Japan, CBD California Trading Company has contracted with an American company to successfully import it into Japan.  Then, the company finally succeeded in developing several orange-derived CBD products made in its Japanese manufacturing plant.

And those products are now available for sale.

In addition, CBD California Trading Company is a trading company specializing in CBD and selling orange CBD ingredients, so Japanese companies that purchase orange CBD ingredients from CBD California Trading Company can create and sell their own products using orange-derived CBD ingredients from CBD California Trading Company.


Up to now, orange CBD has not been imported in mass to Japan and this is still a current phase.

Moreover, it is still a little-known concept for synthetic CBD product.

However, in the future, it will surely attract more and more attention in Japan and become a much loved product by many people.




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