What is Orange CBD?


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About the orange CBD


When people hear the word CBD, the first thing that comes into the mind is probably something in relation with the ingredient extracted from marijuana and hemp right?


For Japanese people, CBD = marijuana = drug. So we cannot say that CBD has a very good image…


This is because people make the confusion with one of the compound of the cannabis. In reality, the compound extracted from marijuana that most people think of is called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). In short, this is the ingredient that has a psychoactive effect which makes people high.


Consequently, people who are not familiar with it are often making the mistake between CBD and THC, but in reality they are substances that have completely different chemical structural formulas and properties.


However, when people get to know a little bit more about CBD, they realize that it can be good for health in many ways and that is the reason why we are doing our utmost to make Japanese people aware of its benefits.


Besides, when I personally heard that there was a manufacturer in the United States who was developing a chemically synthesized CBD, extracted from orange peel (instead of hemp).
I then decided to visit the plant because I really wanted to know more about the process of extraction and because I thought that Japanese people would be reassured when they would know more about this new type of CBD extract from orange fruit.
Therefore I negotiated with the manufacturer and finally started importing this new CBD to Japan in 2021.



After all, it is undeniable that there is a real sense of security when you know that THC has nothing to deal with the CBD derived from orange.


Indeed, the CBD derived from orange and the CBD derived from hemp have initially the same structural formula and are biologically the same compound.

BUT, there is no THC in the orange-derived CBD, which means no comparable side effect like the one from hemp. It is is very important to make and understand then the difference!


For this reason, orange-derived CBD is a component that we are proud to recommend to those who are worried about the inclusion of THC in the products and those who feel reluctant to use cannabis-derived products for security or medical reasons.


Also, unlike CBD derived from hemp, CBD derived from orange is tasteless and odorless, which is also a HUGE difference and one of the main reasons why consumers appreciate it.


So if you don’t like the taste and smell of hemp-derived CBD, try then the orange-derived CBD. You will like it for sure!



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