The main differences between hemp-derived CBD & (chemically synthesized) orange CBD




Today, we would like to talk about the main differences between the hemp-derived CBD and the (chemically synthesized) CBD derived from orange.

Let’s try then to summarize them below.



1. Orange CBD as hemp-derived CBD are 100% identical in chemical structure (bioidentical).
Which means that the structural molecules do not change with its production. (← Sorry for using terms that are a bit too technical… 💦)


2.Orange CBD does not contain any THC or other hallucinogenic substances in the raw materials or even in the finished products.

However, the CBD extracted from hemp stalks and seeds can only be authorized in Japan under strict control if it is derived from hemp (as there is some THC in the stem and seed parts).


3.If it is derived from hemp, while cultivating, there are concerns about toxic impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides, neurotoxins and mycotoxins.

The CBD derived from orange doesn’t have to worry about that.


4.Since orange CBD is chemically synthesized, there is no variation in quality, and the purity is always maintained at 99.5% or higher.

However, for hemp-derived CBD, it is necessary to extract CBD from the stems and seeds and investigate by a third party whether the factory is properly performing a process in which the purity of CBD is really maintained.




Unlike plant extracts, synthetic CBD does not require significant treatment to remove unwanted components such as heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins.

In terms of bioidentical benefits, it offers scale, consistency, and safety that plant extracts cannot meet.


Of course, the CDB derived from hemp can be a good alternative too as long as the above process and treatments are done carefully and properly.

But if you plan to opt for CDB derived from hemp, please stay aware of the importance to check and choose products carefully!

In the end, both CBDs can offer real benefits for health and contribute to make your life easier.

Anyway, the final choice is yours!




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