Advice to choose hemp-derived CBD products



Our aim here is to help mainly Japanese people without strong knowledge of CBD how to find quality and safe to use products.


First and foremost, we recommend our readers to opt for orange CBD rather than hemp-derived CBD for its THC and additive-free composition.

However, most of the CBD products that we can find in Japan for now, are derived from hemp.

So you may ask yourself “But if I would choose hemp-derived CBD products instead, what kind of products should I opt for then? ”

This is the question we are dealing with below..



At first, the environment in which the hemp used in the your product is important.

In fact, hemp is a dynamic bio-accumulator which decomposes components in the soil from the roots.
So cannabis plants and hemp cultivated in soil can be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, molds…

It is important then to check the origin of the products starting with the raw material.

Indeed, to keep plants as preserved as possible, it is essential for cultivators to make grow the plants in clean soil, without the use of herbicides, pesticides or growth boosters, as it absorbs all substances from the environment.


CBD and hemp


The reason why we should care and check this is because, once bought, we are going to use CBD in many ways, and put it in our mouth or on our skin…

Like for the vegetables and basic cosmetics we eat, we most of the time want to make sure that is safe for our health right?

We therefore think that we should care about the origin of the CBD used in the product we use too.

So we consider that checking the location provenance and composition is a must.


In fact, hemp products coming from abroad may sometimes be cultivated in risky zones. Then, when this hemp is transformed and finally distributed in Japan, they are risks of using already contaminated hemp.

Thus, once extracted, some CBD‘s products purity might not be well maintained.

So it is then essential to check with the Japanese distributors the origin and quality of extraction while making CBD products.

If a distributor is not able to give clear and transparent information about it, it is not a good sign…

Then, even if the percentage of CBD raw material is high in a product, it does not mean that quality is good.

For instance, on some hemp-derived CBD tincture product, the amount of raw material is supposed to be the one mentioned on the package. Yet, it is not necessarily completely corresponding when opting for cheaper products.

Some people are indeed, choosing cheaper CBD products but we do not consider it as a good deal if you cannot make sure of the amount of raw material and if it is not safe for you in the end.



For such reasons, we consider safer to opt for THC-free CBD products.

Orange CBD is made by extracting terpenes from orange peel, which is then chemically synthesized.

In that case, the purity of CBD is always stable at 99.5%, and there is no need to worry about heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides.

It is gluten-free, additive-free, and has already many proven positive effects on the body.

We hope then that people will try to know more about this type of CBD and will contribute in the near future to spread its use all over Japan.



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