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When it comes to CBD, CBD oil is definitely the standard first thing to try!

By the way, in the United States, CBD oil is also called “CBD tincture”.


CBD oil can be ingested by dropping it directly under the tongue, in drinks or food, or even on the skin directly.

In 2022, CBD is going to become even more popular in Japan, so I think it’s time to recommend good products, especially if you would like to try it for the very first time!





Anyway, there are so many manufacturers who are selling CBD now, and even for me, it was hard to know which one to choose at first…

I think there are a lot of people who don’t know how to choose….

In fact, some people think that CBD oil is usually the same, no matter where you buy it! But that it is not true and I would like to give some advice based on my personal experience.


In my opinion, the No. 1, by far, is the orange-derived CBD and I will explain you why here.



Reason 1 : THC-free

CBD oil currently available in Japan is either derived from marijuana (hemp) or from orange.


To begin with, CBD (cannabidiol) is originally found in the cannabis plant, as one of the compounds.


So you may ask why is there CBD derived from oranges?


Well, the orange-derived CBD was developed by a biotechnology company in the U.S.

The terpenes in the orange peel are extracted and the CBD is chemically synthesized, preserving a purity of more than 99.5%.


CBD oranges


Reason 2 : Purity

Orange CBD products are more pure than most CBD products made with the Cannabis plant, and therefore, THC.


In addition, CBD oil price varies depending on the volume and manufacturing method, but the cheapest is less than 3,000 yen and the most expensive can be over the 30,000 yen range.


And since differences can be noticed on the price, it is is important to keep in mind before making a purchase that the more pure is a product, the more expensive it becomes.


As a result, orange-derived CBD cannot be cheap, as research has been conducted to achieve a high level of purity.


So it will be up to you to choose between safety OR cheapness.


Reason 3 : Concentration

In general, CBD oil product are described in ml (milliliters) for the article itself and the amount of CBD in it is described in mg (milligrams).

And most of the products available on the market are probably around 30 ml. But some are providing even less around 10 ml.

So for example, if 30ml of an oil product contains 1500mg of CBD, it represents 5% of CBD in it.

This means that the higher the CBD concentration, the greater the CBD sensation (the effects you can expect from CBD).

And therefore, the higher the CBD concentration, the higher the price of the CBD oil.


So what can be considered as a good concentration for CBD?


Basically, 1000mg of CBD in 30ml of oil is considered a sufficient concentration.


And the orange-derived CBD products from Miyabi that are currently sold in Japan contain at least 1000 mg of CBD per 30ml of oil.

You can even find a 2000 mg version for more results.


For the details, please visit the Miyabi CBD Oil Series page.


Reason 4 : Safety

As said earlier, there are 2 types of CBD.

Plant-derived CBD and synthetic CBD.

Plant-derived is extracted from marijuana (hemp) and Chemically synthesized products are made by extracting terpenes from fruit peels.

With plant-derived, substances like heavy metals and pesticides may be present somewhere in the process of production.

However, orange-derived products are made with terpenes extracted from orange peels, so there is no way for THC or other dangerous compounds to be present.

In addition, oranges are also checked for heavy metals and mold through a third party.


CBD Risks


Reason 5 : Composition

The main oils used as a base for CBD oil product are olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil (MCT oil), and camelina oil.

Olive oil is rich in the essential fatty acid omega-9, and Mediterranean cuisine, where olive oil is commonly used, is regarded as the healthiest in the world.

On the side, hemp seed oil and coconut oil (MCT oil) are rich in the essential fatty acid omega-3, which is said to be lacking in modern Japanese people.

MCT oil is also absorbed and broken down more quickly than ordinary oils and is less likely to be stored as fat. It is also used for nutritional supplementation in the medical and sports fields, and in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

Camelina oil, a little-known oil, is the most suitable for health-conscious people because it contains omega 3.6.9 in a ratio of 2:1:2.

It is said to be the best choice as an oil for CBD products.


And CBD oil products derived from orange are made from camelina oil…



Reason 6 : Odorless & Tasteless

Plant-derived CBD is known for having a powerful smell. Some changes have been made over the years but it still has a strong marijuana odor.

And in order to eliminate this, the products made with cannabis are with strong flavors.

On the other hand, orange-derived CBD is basically odorless and tasteless, with a hint of orange peel bitterness.

Some people find the unique bitterness of CBD oil unpalatable, but it is important to check the bitterness of the base oil as well.


Miyabi CBD packs

So what do you think? Still hesitating?


Anyway, as said above, if you are looking for something that is safe to eat, drink or put on the skin, I highly recommend the CBD made with orange fruit.


But if you still have questions, feel free to ask!



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