CBD and diet



Dieting is a hot topic that has always been a matter of concern over time.


Thus, CBD is said to have a positive effect on the body. But is it really helpful with dieting?


Let’s talk about it in this article.


You can’t lose weight unless you get a good night’s sleep“, people would say…


Have you ever heard this kind of statement?


In fact, it is known that the sleep is closely related to the autonomic nerves. And a disturbed sleep is associated with disturbed autonomic nerves, so it may have a real influence on the body…


On the side, the hormonal control is essential for a successful diet. And regulating hormone secretion is very important, especially if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.


In reality, fat stores are precisely regulated by some hormones rather than calories. And if your hormonal control of fat storage is working properly, you won’t become obese.


In addition, it is the autonomic nerves that regulate the secretion of such hormones. Hormones are synthesized and secreted by various organs in the body.


And the regulation of secretion of many hormones takes place in what is called the “hypothalamus” of the brain. Since the hypothalamus is closely related to the activity of the autonomic nerves, if the autonomic nerves are disturbed, the function of the hypothalamus will also be adversely affected.


When this happens, the hormones controlled by the hypothalamus also fail to regulate. As a result, hormones work poorly, creating a virtuous cycle of becoming more prone to gain weight.



Autonomic nerves are nerves that regulate important functions for the body, such as the work of the heart and internal organs, the movement of blood vessels, and the secretion of hormones.

Unlike the nerves (somatic nerves) that work when you move your body consciously, the autonomic nerves operate unconsciously.


There are two types, the “sympathetic nerve” that puts the body in the active mode and the “parasympathetic nerve” that puts the body in the rest / recovery mode.

These two have a relationship of “accelerator” and “brake”, and depending on the situation, one of them has an advantage and controls all the functions of the body.


For example, actions such as “walking,” “speaking,” and “singing” are caused by the person’s own consciousness.


On the other hand, things like “heartbeat” and “digestion by internal organs” cannot be consciously controlled. No matter how much you try to “secrete gastric acid”, the amount of gastric acid does not actually increase. It is the autonomic nerves that have a great influence on the work of the body that cannot be consciously controlled.


Then, how can we balance difficult to control self-reliant nerves?


When a person is under intense stress or when getting older, a disorder of the nerve and immune system called cannabinoid deficiency occurs.

CBD oil supplements cannabinoids and regulates the endocannabinoid system, helping to relieve these symptoms and balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.


It does not simply boost immunity, but helps to improve to the optimal state the body.


CBD infusion


By taking CBD, you’ll get rid of the fat in your stomach right now!


That’s a true thing, taking CBD regularly balances the autonomic nerves, regulates hormone secretion, and help to make the body leaner!


Rather than going on an unreasonable diet, CBD makes it possible for you to improve your physical function, improve your health, and help to build a healthier and better body.



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