CBD against COVID-19



CBD is recently experiencing a tremendous popularity and it is now commonly used to treat various symptoms thanks to its extensive therapeutic benefits and ease of use. So some people may wonder what effects does CBD could have on COVID-19?


First of all, a recent study published earlier this year in the journal “Aging” has revealed that CBD may offer some help for the patients with COVID-19.


Thus, as shown in the journal, some patients may suffer from severe acute respiratory distress due to COVID-19. This is called a “cytokine storm.”

A cytokine storm is a phenomenon appearing where the body experiences an extreme increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines.

These cytokines are a category of proteins that can lead to an increase in inflammation.


And then CBD was found to reduce multiple cytokines and pathways related to inflammation.



CBD also has shown promise in a range of other areas, including pain relief and treating anxiety that could help then people affected by the virus.


Indeed, in different articles published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, it is said that CBD has shown significant potential as a pain reliever, particularly from its ability to increase serotonin’s effects, a neurotransmitter that can induce pain relief.


Moreover, it has also been revealed that CBD has impressive anxiety-reducing qualities that could help to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.


In reality, finding out they have COVID-19 can be a stressful time for patients.


In fact, because of its highly infectious nature, patients are isolated from friends and family. The serious and scary nature of the illness can also take a serious toll on people mental health.


Therefore, CBD can help by limiting the effects of the anxiety-provoking situation.


In a nutshell, CBD has shown a lot of potential in fighting against COVID-19, thanks largely to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The recent studies show that it could significantly improve the condition of COVID-19 patients by reducing a cytokine storm and protecting lung tissue from inflammatory damage.


Research also shows that CBD and its different variations of products including, raw materials and oils, hold significant therapeutic properties, including anxiety reduction and pain relief.



However, even if these elements show that CBD could contribute to offer some relief to COVID-19 patients, advanced research is still needed into the pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing fields before being able to determine with certainty and accuracy how far CBD is effective for this matter.


Consequently, even if these studies globally show some real effects on pain relief and anxiety, and even promising results on supplementary treatments against illness in general, always follow a doctor’s advice when managing COVID-19.



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