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A little speech about gummies…


Hello everyone, today, I would like to introduce you to some gummy candies containing CBD.

First of all, it is important to make the difference between all of them.

Indeed, there are many types of gummies, and some even use THC. If you live in an area in which marijuana is legalized, then you can easily get your pack.

As you can see here, there are many products containing between 500 mg and 600 mg of THC.

But it does not mean that everybody can tolerate them as more than 500 mg is already quite a high quantity and it might become dangerous for those who have never experienced marijuana.

In fact, symptoms vary from person to person, but the following ones are the most known.

* Dullness
* High
* Dizziness
* Vomiting
* Disability to walk
* In-articulated speech
* Increase of heart rate
* Alteration of the sense of reality
* Memory impairment
* Reflexes alteration

For some people, even a single gummy candy can cause the above symptoms.

So beware of the cute package. It seems very attractive but again, it might dangerous for you.

For instance, I have bought the one above, just out of curiosity, and casually happened to put it on the table.
But, it is really scary to imagine that a child or a pet could have some troubles, just by licking or even eating one gummy.

And even if it is stated “THC zero (0%)” or THC free for all the
products available in the Japanese market, is that really the case?

Getting the analysis table from the factory where it products are actually made may not be enough, so I suggest you asking a third party to analyze the actual product.

For the first time in the profession, I have realized the importance of checking the origin while importing products and to ensure their traceability while exporting.

Indeed, I have realized that importing products is not that simple, especially in Japan, and that it is the importer’s responsibility to check carefully everything they import, no matter the type of products, the raw materials, food (etc.) in order not to damage the health of the people.

In particular, if the concentration of CBD is 1000 mg or higher, you should ask a third party to confirm the analysis.

That is the reason why, the CBD-containing gummies imported by CBD California Trading Company are made by chemically synthesizing terpenes taken from orange peel. There is then absolutely no marijuana or hemp-derived components. And if you are a bit reluctant or even scared, I invite you having a look at the products and check their traceability to see that it is safe and secure.

Then I am sure that if you give it a try, you will love them for sure!



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