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A little message from the CEO of California Trading Company…


Hello everyone!

Miyako Kuroda, CEO of CBD California Trading Company speaking here.

I’m writing on this article to talk about CBD in both English and Japanese. And today, I share with you my current and personal experience with some CBD products like the tinctures.


So let’s have a little speech about the most popular tinctures we can find in Japan without difficulty.

The CBD tincture is really easy to use and I highly recommend that you get one for your own.


The tincture I personally use for now contains CBD and MCT.

MCT” is a medium-chain fatty acid, a natural ingredient found in coconuts and palm fruits.
In other words, the oil with 100% medium chain fatty acids is called MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride).



Taking advantage of the fact that MCT is digested and absorbed more quickly than general oil and easily becomes energy, it has been used in various fields, such as the medical field with nutritional supplementation and sports field. We can also mention that it has been used for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.


Furthermore, it seems that it will be used even more in the future, in the malnutrition area in order to limit its effects, especially in the brain.


And I personally use CBD with such MCTs.
As for the way to take it, there’s nothing easier!
Just drop a few drops on the underside of your tongue with a dropper and wait for a few seconds without swallowing.

I’ve tried many tinctures, but since this tincture is tasteless and odorless, you can even put it in your coffee or salad. You also can find some with a sweet taste that makes them easier to drink.


Besides, this tincture is not a CBD derived from marijuana or hemp, but a CBD made by chemically synthesizing a component called terpene from orange peel, so it does not smell like grass like hemp or cannabis. And again, it is odorless and tongue friendly.


I also personally apply tincture to my skin instead of serums. In fact, for the past month or so, I haven’t applied any beauty essence, milky lotion, or moisturizer at night. I have just used lotion and tincture, and my skin is in very good condition.


So, reconsidering it, it may be even more economical just to make it that way, rather than buying a high-priced beauty essence with just few good components.

(By the way, if you wonder why is CBD so good for your skin, I’ve posted some answers on another article, so be sure to check it out for some more.)


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Well, anyway, if you put the tincture in your mouth and then go to bed, you can sleep really well. I mean better.

In fact, until then, I used to sleep lightly, and sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep anymore. Some we’ll say that it might be because of my age… (lol)


But now, I can sleep soundly for at least 7 hours, as when I was in my twenties. And thanks to it, I wake up in the morning in a good shape!


Which means that I can keep concentrate and focus on work with a lot of energy.


Lastly, as a precaution when purchasing CBD, I have mentioned various things before, but you may also wonder about the quantity included in the CBD product…


Well, I think the safest way is to check the label when you buy a product to know the quantity of CBD.
When the quantity is low, you can buy it cheaper. But the effects would be very limited.

So, I personally suggest you purchasing products for which the quantity of CBD is not under 1000 mg. And it will last even longer than a cheaper one.

The one I use currently contains 1800 mg of CBD and should be reasonably priced, especially if you buy it in Japan! (lol)

Anyway, 1000 mg (at least) would be not too bad in my opinion.



As an aside, I went today to a nearby CVS (the largest drugstore in the United States), and there is always a CBD corner in drugstores and supermarkets!


This time, I have found bath bombs (bath bubbles) and Epsom salt (bath salt) there and I wanted to share these pictures with you to show how many incredible CBD stuff we can find nowadays in the US.


That’s all for this time!


But we will keep on providing CBD information from California, so stay tuned ! ★



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