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Most of the CBD products we usually see are fat-soluble.
By its very nature, CBD is virtually insoluble in water.


Water-soluble CBD means CBD that has been processed to be soluble.


CBD is inherently “fat-soluble” in nature.

Fat-soluble means that it is easily soluble in oil and insoluble in water, which is why CBD is often dissolved in oil.

When CBD is dissolved in water, it is not absorbed until it has been broken down by the digestive system after entering the body.

Therefore, CBD oil has the disadvantage that it takes a long time from ingestion to effect, and the amount of CBD oil that can be absorbed is reduced because it is broken down before it is absorbed.



Mechanism of water-soluble CBD

So what exactly is water-soluble CBD?

Actually, water-soluble CBD is not actually soluble in water.
The latest nanotechnology techniques have made it possible to break down CBD oil into micro-sized particles, less than 100 nanometers in size, and process them so that they can mix with water molecules.
This technology allows CBD to emulsify into a hydrophilic substance that mixes with water molecules, and by using surfactants to reduce the surface tension between water and CBD, water soluble CBD can be achieved.


Advantages of water-soluble CBD

As you know, our bodies are made up of 50% to 60% water and tend to absorb water easily.
Therefore, water-soluble CBD is said to be absorbed more efficiently into the human body than fat-soluble CBD.

Water-soluble CBD has a much higher absorption efficiency than fat-soluble CBD, so the same effects as fat-soluble CBD can be achieved with a very small amount of CBD intake.
For those who take CBD on a daily basis, it is advantageous from a cost standpoint, as only a small amount of CBD intake is required.

Water-soluble CBD is also known to be absorbed into the body at a faster rate.
For those who seek a higher immediate effect, water-soluble CBD is then more appropriate.

Water-soluble CBD can be easily mixed with water or food. This allows you to turn your everyday drinks into CBD-infused drinks.

Orange CBD is also tasteless and odorless! Unlike the usual CBD ingredients that are derived from marijuana and inevitably flavored to mask the smell of marijuana, Orange CBD allows people who dislike this unique taste to take a different CBD without stress.


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Summary of differences between water-soluble and fat-soluble CBD


In this article, we introduced water-soluble CBD.
Water-soluble CBD, which is not soluble in water, is mixed with water using the latest technology to make it easily absorbable by the human body, and is attracting a great deal of attention both in Japan and abroad because of its extremely high versatility and absorption efficiency.




Great benefits of water-soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD has the advantage of being easily absorbed by the body.


Its absorption rate is believed to be around 90%.

Not only CBD, but other ingredients ingested by mouth are mostly broken down and expelled through the digestive system, which has the disadvantage of low absorption rates.

In addition to this, CBD is fat-soluble, which makes it incompatible with the human body’s high water content and makes it difficult to be taken into the bloodstream, further reducing the absorption rate. The absorption rate of CBD when taken orally is thought to be between 6% and 15%.

The high absorption rate is achieved by eliminating all these disadvantages at once with this water-soluble CBD.


Being water-soluble, it easily blends with the body’s water and can be taken into the blood to efficiently travel around the body.


As a new type of CBD that eliminates the disadvantages of conventional oral products, water-soluble CBD is attracting attention around the world.


And at our company, it is possible to purchase water-soluble orange CBD, even from a small amount easily.

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