About orange-derived CBD


We, CBD California Trading Company, imports orange-derived CBD, a safe chemically synthesized and bio­identical cannabidiol (CBD), to Japan from a company called PureForm based in California, USA.



Since 2016, they made intensive researches to be able to develop methods to reliably combine a proprietary blend of terpene starting materials, using the most promising molecules in cannabis without using the plant itself.

Indeed, they opted instead for citrus terpenes to make a biologically identical CBD.


Then, Pureform started industrial-scale production of a 99.5%+ pure product. And today, it has the capacity to produce its CBD in commercial quantities, at near-perfect purity.


The patented products using the Pureform technology, are identical to and have nearly the same effect as hemp-derived CBD.

However, the orange-derived CBD is expected to be more promising than hemp-derived CBD in terms of quality, regarding the possible health risks with the hemp cultivation.


In the end, choosing Pureform as a supplier was for us the evidence of selecting a high-purity CBD that could be then carefully manufactured and distributed.



Below are some of the main features of Pureform CBD:

Able to maintain CBD’s purity of 99.5% or higher

Manufactured at a cGMP facility (current Good Manufacturing Practice)

☆ Manufactured under the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Non-GMO (not genetically modified)

☆ Can be used in all product types

☆ Obtained GRAS certification (safe internationally recognized certification system for food safety)

No residual solvents

Large scale quantity available

☆ Manufacturing bases in the United States and the United Kingdom


Therefore, we hope that these main features listed above can offer our customers the peace of mind that they deserve as for the use of our products.



From the beginning, the research aimed to develop the same true cannabinoids found in nature, with levels of purity and consistency not achievable with plant extracts.

And Pureform has succeeded in bringing the potential of these natural compounds to market without the lack or limitation of processing of “natural” plant extracts.


PureForm CBD specialist chemists have spent months studying to determine a mix of catalysts, temperatures, and cooling rates and combine terpenes starting materials to produce biologically identical cannabinoids.

In fact, this unique technology is called Cyclic Terpene Assembly.

This is a method of combining organic molecules without polluting them with toxic solvents or destroying their essence.


Unlike synthetic cannabinoids, which are analogs of naturally occurring molecules and can have unpredictable and sometimes dangerous effects, PureForm cannabinoids are molecularly identical to those naturally occurring in plants.

Consequently, it works exactly the same in the body.


And more recently, PureForm, with its orange-derived CBD, has entered into a collaborative development collaboration and supply agreement to support the Florida-based Enveric Biosciences cannabinoid clinical program.

In fact, Enveric Biosciences is the first biotechnology company to develop new cannabinoid drugs to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, with a focus on cannabinoid research, development and commercialization.

With this agreement, the two cutting-edge companies will focus from now on superior products to meet unmet medical needs so far…


So for all these reasons, we are confident in the fact that the PureForm orange CBD imported into Japan is truly safe and secure, and that it can be delivered and used by everyone.



And for those of you who would like to know more about the differences between orange-derived CBD & hemp-derived CBD, do not hesitate to have a look at our blog article about it here.


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